Containers and Silos

Stora Enso Uimaharju 2011: container delivery

Joutseno Pulp, tanks for alkali, 2007

Stora Enso, Varkaus, Weppi08, tanks

Stora Enso, Varkaus, PK8, tanks 5 p., 2007

UPM-Kymmene Kaukas, tanks for pressure impregnation solution in saw-mill, 2008 ja 2009

Stora Enso Imatra mill, tank for causticizing 300 m³

Bio 09 Stora Enso, Kaukopää, polymer production unit, different vessels 5 p., mixers 4 p., manufacturing and installation

Larox, piping and tank deliveries, 2010

UPM-Kymmene, Kaukaan saha, screws and tanks, 2010

Laitex Oy: silos, steel frame for the conveyor

Stora Enso Kaukopää 2012: tank for lime sludge 1000 m³

Dieffenbacher Panelboard Oy: delivery of tanks for different projects

Valio Oy: tanks

Mesmec Oy: tanks

Steel structures and steel structure production

Stora Enso Kaukopää ja UPM Kaukas: pipe and pedestrian bridge

Savonlinna Works Oy 2012: Stainless steel/FE-clarifiers and trays

Savonlinna Works Oy: LMF-filter’s pools, clarifier, steam pipeline

Jatke Oy: Rajamarket/Lidl Mustolan steel structures, shelter frame for carriages for the Rajamarket/Lidl Mustola

Steel frames for useful waste hall, hazardous waste hall and machine hall

Coolings towers for caustic and clorate plants

Storage silo bottom and discharge screw modernization Wood chips magnet steel structures
Foundation and frame structures for the 3-extractor

3D- and x-ray measurements building, steel and construction works pipe bridges for UPM-Kymmene Oyj Kaukas and Stromsdal Oyj Juankoski

KA1 steam pipe line dismantling

Steel constructions for Steam boiler plant, UPM-Kymmene Oyj Kaukas

Steel constructions for hydrogen boiler plant, Finnish Chemicals Oy Joutseno

Steel constructions for board mill, M-Real Oy Simpele Board

Steel constructions, pipe and equipment installation Lappeenrannan cement production

Parts for mining industry, Larox Oy

Parts for storage structures and steel structures, Prepipe Oy

Parts and frame structures for trucks and trailers

Parts and platforms for wood processing industry, a numbers of projects

Nordkalk, steel contractions for conveyer, manufacturing and installation, 2010

Paakkola Conveyors ,Talvivaara: platforms and stairs approx. 1500 m

HL-Rakentajat Oy: steel structures for the Prisma Imatra moll approx. 500 tn

Skanska Talonrakennus Oy: steel structures for the IsoKristiina moll

Destia: steel structures, stairs and rails for the Länsimetro project approx. 300 tn

Stora Enso Uimaharju: Reno-projekti: steel structures and machine installation

Metsä Board Simpele: service platform, stairs and steel structures

Stora Enso Kaukopää: Lapa-projekti: steel structures

PE2 replacement of bearings and rolls

Northland Resources Pajala 2012: Ore dressing platforms and stairs approx. 1 km

Screw conveyors and other conveyors

UPM Kaukas 2012: screw conveyers for saw-mill

Laitex Oy 2012: screw conveyer and spares parts

Metal structures subcontracting services

Parts for paper industry, Vaahto Oy

Shipping through OMP-Konepaja Oy to Olkiluoto atomic power station, 2009/2010

Savonlinna Works 2012: sheet metal work on filters, our workshop

Installation projects

Metehe: storage, 150 t steel constructions. Columns, beams, wind braces, frames, 3 months for engineering and installation

Bollstabruk Ab: saw-mill unit installation, 2010

Nordkalk 2011: ore dressing equipment installation steel constructions manufacturing

Ovako Imatra 2011: excitation unit and conveyor manufacturing and installation

Agnico-Eagle Kittilä 2011–2012, pasta plant installation, assemblers and welders up to approx. 20 people, 2 supervisors

Northland Resources Pajala 2012: stainless steel/fe-railing approx. 3 km

GL&V / Metsä Board Simpele: machine’s installation

UPM Kaukas:
replacement of the freezing conveyor’s foundation
crusher installation and steel structures
screw conveyor production and installation
replacement and repair of the  lime kiln

Ovako: adjustment of the crane track, replacement of the wear pads for walking beam, replacement and installation of the UTAB kiln

Efora Oy: chemical plant: heat exchangers


Stora-Enso, Kaukopää, lime sludge tanks repair, lining and reinforcement 2010

Nordkalk 2012: feed conveyer reinforcement and modernization

Ecofiltres feed tank modernization

Stora Enso Imatra 2012: approx. 70 assemblers and welders, also management

UPM Kaukas 2012: annual maintenance, approx. 60 assemblers and welders, 5 supervisors

UPM Kaukas 2012: lime sludge feed tank modification

Botnia Mill Service Oy Ab: maintenance of the waste water facility and the debarking plant

Stora Enso Kaukopää 2012: Debarking wide maintenance

UPM Kaukas week 13/2014, annual maintenance of integrated production unit, 70 workers

StoraEnso Kaukopää week 39/2014, 75 workers

Cutter service, Andritz, Botnia Joutseno debarking